Body Scrubs and Bath Salts Review.

If you are anything like me, I am always looking for things to help me relax, to make me feel a little bit better about myself with little effort and money spent. I was asked to review 3 products for all of you. I love this part of blogging. I love finding new products, trying new products, and bringing my reviews to all of you.
The first product I tried was the bath salts. As a busy stay at home, the time I look forward to the most is a long soak in the tub. My body is tired and I just want to relax. I added a tablespoon or two of bath salts to a warm bath, and just the fragrance relaxed me immediately. It did not leave my water gritty, but really helped to relax my muscles and smells way better than Epsom salt I sometimes use.
The next product I used was the sugar scrub. Again, I Ioved this. There is enough in the container to last a good while. It’s easy to apply, and leaves your skin feeling smooth with a shine but not oily. I would say be careful because it can make the bottom of your shower a little slick. But it helps to keep my skin smooth and moisturized.
I also was sent a lip palm to try. It comes in a tube just like Chapstick, which I love. It keeps my lips smooth, without being oily but it’s also not too thick and dry. And I can still feel it on my lips for hours after. I have to fight my two girls for it. They love it also.
I would recommend all of these, made at home, natural products. Check out her fb page,, to get a link to see all of her products and shop.


Lip balm and shower tabs

Looking for a homemade, natural lip balm? I ordered some that I love. I ordered two flavors: chocolate peppermint and orange creamsicle. I loved them. The chocolate peppermint gave my lips a little tingle but was not overbearing. The orange creamsicle was mild but both kept my lips shiny and smooth. My girls kept stealing them out of my purse.
I also tried the Vicks shower tabs. The whole family used them. They came at a perfect time. We all seemed to be passing a cold around. The package arrived with two tabs. One got a little crumbly in shipping, but I blame that on my postal service. If you could see the shape just envelopes arrive in, you would understand. One tab lasted several showers. It was soothing and opened up our stuffy noses and helped with congestion. The broken one I used with my two kids. It wasn’t overpowering for them and helped them sleep better.
I can’t wait to try even more products.
You can check out Dawn’s Facebook page, until her shop opens in September.