A Busy Example

When did we let life become so busy? And yes I said let. It seems we are all running here and there and feel as if we and our kids have to participate in everything. Staying busy is not bad, but when we let it interfere with family, relationships, and most importantly church and our relationship with God, it becomes a problem.
I was talking to my mom yesterday as we were out and about together, and I told her that we are raising a generation of people that don’t and won’t know how important church is. Why? Because we, by example, show them that anything else we want or need to do on Sunday and Wednesday night is more important than church.
And it’s not just church. How often do they see us reading our Bibles during the week, or praying? I know I struggle with making all of that a priority. I won’t say that I don’t have time. I will say I don’t make the time. Actions speak louder than words. So by our actions, we are teaching them that tv, social media, sports, friends, and so much more are more important that reading and studying our Bibles and praying.
Everyone wants to talk about how bad the world is, and how bad this generation is. But we, as the examples, are not really helping. How are they supposed to know if we don’t lead?
Growing up, we went to church. It wasn’t an option. I didn’t wake up on Sunday and wonder if we were going. Unless you were throwing up or had fever, you were there. It wasn’t “we will go if we don’t have this, or go do that, etc ” Now, I hear kids telling parents why they can’t go to church. I hear the kids making the decisions. I hear adults letting kids make the decisions. Since when do we let kids make the rules, decide on what’s best? I hear adults make excuses, adults putting all kinds of things before church.
And let me go farther and say, it’s not just being so busy we are forgetting church and the things that draw us closer to God.
There are families that no longer ever have sit down family meals. There are families that no longer spend time as a family, because everyone is running in different directions. Our friendships that are so important to us, somehow get disregarded, put on the back burner. I am guilty of this as well. We have to work at friendships, at relationships, at all the things important to us.
Like I said, I am guilty of this too. I get so wrapped up in my life sometimes, that I am not a good friend. I have friendships over the years that have gone away because I didn’t put the effort in.  I believe that’s why so many marriages end. People don’t put in the work, they don’t make an effort.
Being a good Christian takes work. Being a good church member takes work. Being a good spouse, parent, child, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, example, friend, takes work. It takes effort. It sometimes takes us getting rid of distractions, hobbies, and things. All these things are not bad, but when they interfere with our walk with God, it becomes a distraction. When our walk with God is not what it should be, it affects all aspects of our lives.
And it will not stop until we make it stop. The world will continue to throw more stuff at us. There’s always gonna be things that can take our attention away. It’s up to us to say no. It’s up to us to have our family at church everytime the doors are open. It’s up to us to reach out and be that friend. It’s up to us to strive to be more like Jesus and less like the world, no matter  what we have to give up. It’s up to us to be an example for our friends and family. It’s up to us to decide what our priorities are. It’s up to us to lead our kids in the way they should go, to give them love, time, structure and it’s up to us to make the hard decisions.


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