Workout Motivation

With this new lifestyle , came some much needed changes. I usually workout 5-6 times a week. It was a hard routine to get into. I went from basically being sedentary to really working out, pushing myself. At first, people told me it was too much and in retrospect it probably was. But I’ve kinda found my groove now. And even though there were days my body was saying enough or it was too much, I didn’t want to give myself an excuse, an out. That’s what got me to be this overweight.  Denial, excuses, and always telling myself I couldn’t do it. So I knew I needed to push myself and not give myself a way out. For the first time, I am holding myself accountable.
     I do turbokick 3 times a week and it’s really the workout that has showed me I can do more than I ever thought. The other 2 or 3 days, I do workouts at home. It may be dvds, wii workouts, kettlebells, etc. Do not be scared to try new things, to push yourself.
     Some of my friends told me about a new turbokick class that was starting in town, and encouraged me to try it with them. I had just started on my weightloss journey. I dismissed the idea right away, but it kept coming to my mind to just try it.  So I messaged the instructor on Facebook. We live in a very small town, but I did not know this girl. But I kinda just laid it all out there. I told her I was severely overweight, just started exercising, and I really wanted to know if I could do this class. She reassured me that I could. It was for all fitness levels, there were modifications to everything, and for me to work on my level. That conversation started a friendship. I love Brooke. She’s a friend to me now, motivates me, pushes me, but never singles me out for not being able to do something.
     So I went to that first class and loved it. Yes I have to modify lots of stuff, but I am there 3 days a week working my butt off.
     People want to know how to stay motivated to workout. Yes there are days I would rather sit around and read and eat all day. But those days are fewer and far between. I have more energy to do things and want to do things. I do workouts at home I like to do and I am always changing it up. The kettlebell routines I do, I googled and watched utube videos and made up my own routine. Knowledge is power. I am always adding to it, tweaking it, working on form etc.
     And it’s a mind thing really. Brooke tells us that all the time, but I never understood until recently. These ladies in my turbokick class have become friends and we motivate each other. I get messages now wanting to know how much weight I have lost and how do I keep going. Most messages say things like, “when I am feeling tired and want to quit, I look up and you’re still going. Or when I have to take a break, I look around and you have never stopped.” Those messages are my fuel. It’s a mind thing. I knew coming into this class,  I would be the biggest person. But I didn’t want to be the biggest person that had to keep stopping, that couldn’t keep up. So I push myself every class. When I see someone that stops to take a water break or whatever, and they are smaller than me, it’s my push to keep going. In my mind, I outlasted at least one person. Now don’t get me wrong.  These ladies all work their butts off. But it’s a mind thing with me. I do have to stop occasionally but I don’t walk off to get water. I may have to stop a movement just to catch my breath or literally so I don’t pass out. (I have felt like that a couple of times. I don’t say anything, I just regroup and keep going.) But when I leave, I know I pushed myself and I didn’t stop just because it got hard.
     Not gonna lie, my body hurts alot. My knees are in constant pain and my body hurts just to move sometimes. And there are days my body tells me I need to rest and I listen to it. But I know these aches and pains are also helping me toward a goal. My knees do hurt but I have noticed my squats are lower. I am tired in turbokick class but I am noticing new things that I can do well or don’t have to modify as much. This is progress.
     You each have to find that thing within you that motivates you to do it. Whether it’s a before pic, whether it’s the feeling after a workout, whether it’s the motivation to not be the fat girl anymore, you have to find it. You have to make the choices, make it a habit and make the changes. You have to want it. And the results will be the fuel you need to keep going. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Workout Motivation

  1. Kim…..I am so proud of you! You Are doing a terrific job. Not just class, but in all aspects of class. You have the biggest heart and I love you! So glad you reached out to me that first day.

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