Body Scrubs and Bath Salts Review.

If you are anything like me, I am always looking for things to help me relax, to make me feel a little bit better about myself with little effort and money spent. I was asked to review 3 products for all of you. I love this part of blogging. I love finding new products, trying new products, and bringing my reviews to all of you.
The first product I tried was the bath salts. As a busy stay at home, the time I look forward to the most is a long soak in the tub. My body is tired and I just want to relax. I added a tablespoon or two of bath salts to a warm bath, and just the fragrance relaxed me immediately. It did not leave my water gritty, but really helped to relax my muscles and smells way better than Epsom salt I sometimes use.
The next product I used was the sugar scrub. Again, I Ioved this. There is enough in the container to last a good while. It’s easy to apply, and leaves your skin feeling smooth with a shine but not oily. I would say be careful because it can make the bottom of your shower a little slick. But it helps to keep my skin smooth and moisturized.
I also was sent a lip palm to try. It comes in a tube just like Chapstick, which I love. It keeps my lips smooth, without being oily but it’s also not too thick and dry. And I can still feel it on my lips for hours after. I have to fight my two girls for it. They love it also.
I would recommend all of these, made at home, natural products. Check out her fb page,, to get a link to see all of her products and shop.


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