Lip balm and shower tabs

Looking for a homemade, natural lip balm? I ordered some that I love. I ordered two flavors: chocolate peppermint and orange creamsicle. I loved them. The chocolate peppermint gave my lips a little tingle but was not overbearing. The orange creamsicle was mild but both kept my lips shiny and smooth. My girls kept stealing them out of my purse.
I also tried the Vicks shower tabs. The whole family used them. They came at a perfect time. We all seemed to be passing a cold around. The package arrived with two tabs. One got a little crumbly in shipping, but I blame that on my postal service. If you could see the shape just envelopes arrive in, you would understand. One tab lasted several showers. It was soothing and opened up our stuffy noses and helped with congestion. The broken one I used with my two kids. It wasn’t overpowering for them and helped them sleep better.
I can’t wait to try even more products.
You can check out Dawn’s Facebook page, until her shop opens in September.


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