The H word

It saddens me that my girls are growing up in a world that uses hate as an accurate description of basically disagreeing. Today’s world tells my girls that if they stick to their beliefs, voice their opinions against things, and stick to their biblical raising, they hate. Whether what they believe is in the minority or majority, if they choose to go against “worldly” things, that is hate.
We do not use the word hate in our house. Why? Because I want may girls to know that word has strong meaning. It’s more than dislike. And it’s hard to take back once used. If I say I hate my phone, my girls correct me. I can honestly say I have never hated anyone. I dislike things people do, things they choose to do, and I hate sin and what it does to people. But I do not hate anyone.
My job as a mom is to raise my girls in a Godly household. To raise them to know right from wrong, to have Godly convictions, to know what they believe and why. My prayer is that as they grow up and face tough circumstances, they have verses already in their hearts and minds, so that they know what to do. So that they will be strong ladies that will not conform to the world, but stand strong in their convictions and beliefs.
But as Christians, we can’t sit back and just let the world take over. It’s not enough that we are Christians. We can’t bury our heads in the sand and just say, “Come quickly Jesus.” We have to be about the Fathers business. We have to show His love. We have to be His light. Not be afraid of what others think. But our job is not to hate. But we have to stand strong in our beliefs and convictions. And yes, people are going to disagree with us, people will talk about us, and when we stand up for what we know is right, people will throw the hate word around.
But we are not to back down, to quit, to turn and run. You may be the only example of Jesus that people see. So will they see you whining and complaining that the world is not fair? That life is hard? That you can’t stand against something you know is wrong because of what people will think?
We are not to hate people. We are to love our neighbor, and to me means anyone I come in contact with. I don’t love the sin, or accept it, but instead be a witness.
So just like millions are speaking out in favor of laws, bills, rights, etc, its ok as Christians for us to speak out against it. It’s not hate for a person or group of people. It’s caring enough about this world and the people in it to tell them what the Bible says, to know what we believe and why. And to show them the love of Jesus.
So while I am sad to see what my girls are growing up in, and to know as they get older, it’s only going to get harder, I rejoice in the fact that I know who holds tomorrow. I know God is still on His throne and I have a job to do while I am waiting for Him to come back. My job as a Christian is not to sit back and wait, to bury my head, or to hide under the covers. It’s to be fishers of men, to be about the Fathers business. And no where does that include hate, no matter what the world calls it.


2 thoughts on “The H word

  1. Very well said, Kim! An excellent response to those who continue to spin the truth about how true Christians feel toward sin and the sinner. We love the sinner but we hate the sin. All of us are sinners in need of God’s forgiving grace. Some of us are saved sinners and some of us are lost sinners. The saved sinners are simply paupers who are trying to encourage other paupers (lost sinners) to come to the true Source who is able to meet every need they have, including salvation.

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