God’s Timing

First I have to say thank you all for reading my blogs. The real me is weaved among these blogs. I hold a lot of things in, and I wear a smile most of the time. But I also realize that God gave me the ability to write and He also gave me my testimony to share. These are just not words, my stories, they are His.
This blog will backtrack a little and continue where the other one left off. I got so emotional writing it, and wanted to tell the story of Katelyn, that I left off the most amazing example of Gods timing. Fortunately my story doesn’t end with just having a child.
So let me backtrack. After Patrick and I got married, he surrendered to the ministry. It’s an understatement to say that we are some of the most planned, scheduled people around. But when it comes to major life stuff it tends to be boom, and it happens. Every vehicle we have gotten has been spur of the moment, decide to go look and come home with one. It’s so against who we are, but again, I think it’s God showing He is in control. Patrick and I had one joking conversation about someone saying he could be a preacher. That was all. Then one night after a youth service, he went up, and after it was over, came back and told me he surrendered to the ministry. What? How does one just do that? While I was in total shock, I also felt a peace. God was telling me this was right.
We were currently members of the church I had grown up in. After surrendering to the ministry, Patrick became interim at a very small, family church for a couple of months. He got ordained while there, and it was a good experience for us. After we came back, he eventually became youth pastor and associate pastor of the church we were members at.
But while we were there, his hearts desire was to be a pastor. He felt that was what God had called him to do. So while we were praying for a baby, we were also praying that God would open doors for us and lead us where we needed to go. This was a scary time for me. I don’t like change. I don’t like to be out of my comfort zone. It meant going to places where I knew no one. But I also knew this is what God had called us to do.
So while we were still working and serving in our church, our prayer was God would lead us to a church for Patrick to pastor. I remember a little before we got pregnant, I asked Patrick what the number one thing he was praying for, and he said a church. My heart sank. My number one thing was a baby. And it wasn’t that he didn’t want a baby or that I didn’t want him to pastor a church. But our hearts were torn and our focus was on two different things. I just couldn’t help but think that no wonder neither had happened. We were supposed to be as one but our hearts were in two different places. So I made an effort after that to pray first that God would lead us to a church.
The title of this is God’s timing. So this is where God showed us He was in control, His timing was perfect and He knew what He was doing. Patrick filled in for a good preacher friend of ours. A little while later, Patrick got a call from a guy that got his name from someone that knew someone from that church. The pulpit committee wanted to come hear Patrick preach. Patrick set up a time that they could come. Sometime during this, that same guy called Patrick and really asked him some hard questions. But I was so proud of Patrick. He never faltered or wavered. He answered them truthfully, with conviction and exactly how he believed.
The week that we scheduled for the pulpit committee to come, was the same week we found out I was pregnant. So we found out we were having a baby, and a committee was coming to hear Patrick preach, all within a week. God is good.
I remember as Patrick shared with our congregation that we were pregnant, and then preached his heart out, I was never more proud. That man had my heart for more than 6 years at that point, and that day I fell more in love.
We met with the pulpit committee afterwards. They asked questions, we asked questions. We returned to my parents for Sunday lunch and my mom had actually told my sister, ” they are gone. We lost them.” That’s how well they thought the sermon went.
It wasn’t long before the pulpit committee called and wanted Patrick to do a trial sermon at their church. We went at the first of August. I remember walking into this church, where we knew no one, and a lady said, ” oh you must be our new preacher.” What a welcome.
As soon as we walked into that church, it felt like home. I felt like I had been there forever and that I knew these people. It was calming. God was there with us.
Patrick preached his sermon, and again I was proud. They called us to tell us he was voted in. We knew that was where we were supposed to be. I had no doubts and no reservations. And for me that was huge. We officially started there the first of Sept, 2006 and its still where we currently are. We moved into a house that better suited our growing family and I was able to become a stay at home mom after Katelyn was born.
After the long wait for a baby and a church, and then the sort of world wind of it all, after settling in and taking a deep breath, for the first time, I understood Gods timing. This is what He was preparing us for. This was all worth the wait. Looking back I can’t imagine raising my kids in the tiny house we were in and having to continue with the job I was doing. God knew. Even when at times my heart felt broken and I felt alone, God knew.
Looking back, God taught me so much. He brought me closer to him, us closer as a couple, and showed me the reality of His perfect timing.
We had Katelyn, March 28, 2007. Our church family truly are family. Again, God knew.
For those of you that know me or have read my other blogs, you know we have another daughter. But Hannah is another story all her own.


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