The Preacher’s Daughters

I have to admit I am a reality show junkie. My husband doesn’t get my obsession. This is the only way I can explain it. It’s mindless television. I do not have to give it my full attention to know what’s happening, it’s entertainment, and I can multi-task while watching it and not miss anything. It’s very hard for me to just sit and watch something. I have to be doing something else at the same time. So reality shows are perfect for that.
But there is one show that I have seen countless commercials for that makes my tummy roll. Full on irritates me, makes me mad but sick at the same time. It’s called “Preachers’ Daughters”. I have not nor will I watch this show. Just the commercials get me riled up.
I am a preachers wife and we have two little girls. So yes, they are the preachers daughters. What do I want them growing up to know about being preachers daughters? I want them to love and respect their daddy for The Call that was placed upon Him. I want them to be proud of who their daddy is, the stand he takes every day, and for how we raise them. Is that really any different than any parent?
First of all, just because preachers have kids, do not mean the kids should be treated any different. As Christian parents, shouldn’t all of our goals be to raise our kids in fear and admonition of The Lord? Shouldn’t we all be trying to raise respectful, honest, God fearing kids? That doesn’t just apply to preachers kids. I hate to burst people’s bubbles, but the preacher and his family is no different than any of you. We are not “more holy”, or righteous, or perfect. As parents we make mistakes, our kids make mistakes, and behind closed doors, we fight the same battles as all of you.
Some of the things the girls are saying and doing on the commercials are not ok for any kids. Preachers kids or not, none of us should tolerate or want our kids to act like that.
And once again, it’s a show that basically says the worse you act, the more you will profit from it. Think about it. From just a few of the shows that are out there, we say that if you are a teen mom, that you can be on t.v. It’s glorified. If you have a drug or alcohol problem, it’s funny on these reality shows. That’s what they show. Basically they are putting the message out there, to do wrong and get famous.
So now we have “preachers’ daughters”. I guess as Katelyn and Hannah’s mom, it saddens me to know that some people will hold them to a different standard then they would even hold their kids. That somehow because their daddy is a preacher, their actions will be under a microscope and they could be shunned or singled out. And then we have this show that glorifies it all.
One clip shows the daddy praying for his daughter and their family. Probably it was meant as a last resort cry, or “look at the preacher, praying for his daughter because she’s bad” kinda thing. But I am glad they showed that. Because as parents, we all better be praying for and over our kids. Whether you are a preacher, a deacon, a Sunday school teacher or a Christian trying to find your way, it’s up to you to raise your kids as good, Christian kids. The preachers kids are not raised any different than yours. We don’t pray more, or read our Bibles more, or sit around quoting scripture more. Or at least we shouldn’t. As a Christian, we should all be praying with our families, reading our Bibles, etc.
I guess this show just hit a little too close to home for me. I want my girls growing up to be kids, to respect others, to love The Lord, but not be in a bubble or under a microscope because of what their daddy is called to do. So next time you hear kids misbehaving or acting out, it certainly could be the preachers kids. Just love them and pray for them. After all, we all know how those “preachers kids” are.


One thought on “The Preacher’s Daughters

  1. Kim, I really enjoyed reading this one. You are an amazing writer and I just wanted to read more. I am not a parent as you know but I loved how you made so many important points. I too am a reality show fanatic but I haven’t seen that preview. It saddens me too that so many shows glorify alcohol, drugs and teen pregnancy. I have met a few people that have had addiction problems and in no way is it glorified. It’s so difficult for them but from the ones I have known including my father who was a recovering alcoholic, they all have gotten on their knees and prayed each morning or whenever they felt they needed a drink. All of them turned their will over to God each and everyday and that’s how they were able to get sober along with support. I know your girls will grow up as respectful, loving and God fearing woman and I know that because of who you are. They are very blessed to have you as their mom and even though I don’t know your husband, I respect him for who He is. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

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