Do I say that?

Do you ever wonder what you sound like? Or how often you say a certain word or phrase? Is there things you don’t even know you say? The answers to all of these are simple: listen to your kids. Even when my overly dramatic five year old is giving her Oscar worthy performance of the day, if I tone down the dramatics and scale it back to normal talk, I can hear pieces of me and my husband. Yes hubby too. It can’t be all my fault, right?
We were finishing up supper one night last week and I asked my four year old to get me something from the counter. Her reply? “Sure, because I wasn’t doing anything.” Ouch!! Now, her inflection was more laughing and not sure what it really meant, but ouch all the same.
So where did that phrase come from? Well, I am the guilty culprit. I say it at least once a day. You all know the scenario. As a busy wife and mom, I will be stirring something on the stove, answering the phone, checking backpacks and someone comes up and says “Mama, can you fix the clothes on this baby doll” , or “Can you get me a drink?” or the infamous “mom, I need help in the bathroom!” And usually it’s all while hubby is at home, but they walk right by him to ask me. So of course my mom of the year response is, “Sure because I wasn’t doing anything.”
When my four year old said it, hubby and I had a good laugh about it but I was once again reminded how my words can be used against me. And a lot of the time, they don’t even know what statements mean but because they are used to hearing them, they repeat. Some are cute at the time, but then you think, “if they were listening to that, what else have they heard?” And if your kids are hearing this, what do others hear?
Kids are listening even when we think they are not. If you have spent time around kids, you know this. On Sundays, during the sermon, my girls will be coloring, eating snacks, reading books, etc. My hubby, who is the pastor, will say something and all the sudden I see he got their attention and I didn’t think they were listening. I also teach kids and youth, and after doing a lesson, when I ask a question, it’s usually the one who I didn’t think was listening, who answers. There are always little ears and eyes around.
So I said all of that to come to this point. If you listen to my girls at any given time, you will hear parts of me and their daddy. Good and bad. You will also hear friends, teachers, grandparents etc. all those who influence them. So how does that equate to adult life?
If God is our Father, them our speech, among other things, should emulate Him. So does it? When we are going about our day to day life and others hear us, do they say, “I hear God in them.” “or do they hear the world?” What do they hear the most? Does God hear us and is proud, or does He hear us and has to say, “that is not of me”. If we are really about the Fathers business and emulating Him, then we wouldn’t have to worry about what our kids heard and repeated. So next time those sassy comments come out of my girls mouth, it must be their dads fault, right?

Phil. 4:13

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