Tune it out

At some point, I hope kids outgrow temper tantrums. Every time I think we are past that faze with one kid, nope, it pops back up in a whole different way. So this weekend, my almost six year old was in a mood. If you have girls, you know what I’m talking about. Even at 5, the mood swings come out of no where.
We were about 15-20 minutes into this episode. By episode, I mean crying, yelling, stomping, wanting no one to talk, etc. I really don’t even remember what brought this particular episode on. For her, it’s usually when she feels out of control. She has control issues and also OCD. I am not exaggerating. Poltergeist has nothing on my child.
Anyway, I had heard enough, and I know that if I ignore her, she stops. If you engage in it, it makes it worse. It’s like throwing gas on a fire. So I did what any good mom would do. I plugged my earphones into my phone, cranked my music up, and proceeded to sing and dance while doing dishes. I tuned out the world. Just tuned it all out and prayed it would stop. And it did. But I sort of felt like a bad mom. Did I really fix the issue? Did I do anything to let her know why that behavior is unacceptable and we would not put up with it? No. I basically tuned it out and waited for it to stop. I ignored the problem.
God has been showing me a lot lately, and opening my eyes to a lot of things, and that day was no exception. Too many times, I as a wife, mother, and Christian, ignore the things around me good or bad. I sometimes go through life with the earphones in, just hoping it all comes out ok. I see a problem, lots of times, within myself, and instead of doing the work and taking the time to fix it and sort it all out, I put my head down, earphones in, and tune it all out.
I am so thankful God does not do that to us. He doesn’t ignore us, or disregard our problems. No matter how big or little, He is right here with us. He walks right through it with us. He doesn’t wait for us to get it all together, and then pick us up. He doesn’t tune us out until we act the “right” way.
So next time either of my girls are in the midst of an episode worthy of an Oscar, I know just why to do. I will just put one earphone in.



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