Do any of us really know?

It’s been so long since I have written.  Life sometimes just gets busy and overwhelms and takes over.  I feel like I am in a tornado, just being thrown around and I grab for this or that, sometimes getting it and sometimes not.

Do you always go with your mommy intuition?  Is it always right?  Do you second guess yourself?  Sometimes you just don’t know.  Is first instinct always best?  I think not.  Yes I think mommy intuition is a powerful thing we should listen to, but if you are like me, sometimes its not mommies intuition, its plain worry or fear.  My oldest has been sick since Friday.  My first thought was, ” it’s strep throat, take her to the clinic.”  But my second thought was, “We already owe the clinic money, so lets stop and access the situation.”

She is better today.  Sore throat is gone, now just a nasty cough.  But that leads to the next thing.  Do any of you have problems trying to decide when and when not to send your kids to school?  Just making that decision, I feel the weight of her whole Kindergarten education on my shoulders.  Dramatic, I know.  I was raised basically where unless you are throwing up or running fever, you go to school and church.  Now having kids, I feel like maybe there are other instances, but I also feel the burden to look out for others kids.  I don’t want to be the cause of anyone else getting sick.  But I also don’t want to send the message that you can cough once and you stay at home.  So where is the middle ground?

When you have kids, everyone tells you about the lack of sleep, and all the different stages, and has imput such as when to take the bottle away, pacifier away, when to potty train etc.  But those are the easy things sometimes.  Those are the things when you conquer, you feel good about, and you feel like you must be a wonderful parent because your child didn’t have to attend Kindergarten with a diaper on, bottle in one hand, and pacifier in the other.

But no one really tells you how to instill morals, values, how to teach them to always strive for their best, what to do when they throw fits, how to handle when they refuse to take naps.  And if you believe in time out, what do you do when you put your child on the “naughty seat” and for two hours, they get up time and time again.  Who is really winning?  At that point, does anyone even remember why they were there in the first place?

I think I will write a book thats entitled, “A parents guide to the things other parents never discuss.”

Like what should I do when my five year old is in a mood, and someone speaks to her and she gives them that look.  If you have girls, you know the look.  The look that says, “Are you really talking to me right now?’  How do you respond?  I just give her my look.  You know, “That look that says, “Did you really just do that?” Have you ever practiced that look in the mirror?  Go do it right now. Guess what?  I bet its identical to that look your daughter gives that you find so disrespectful.   It’s true.  They mirror us.  They imitate us.  But certainly all that attitude and sass did not come from me.  It couldn’t have.

So I posted this random post to say this.  Isn’t parenting really a guessing game, and by the second or third kid you have a little more figured out, and well, for the first born.  I am sorry mommy doesn’t really know when to send you to school or take you to the doctor.  I’m sorry that those faces and “witty” comebacks that you get in trouble for, probably came from me just the week before.  And well we are all just winging it and the kids are just along for the ride.  Doesn’t that make you all feel so safe and secure?



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