What is after terrible twos?

I have two girls. Katelyn will be 5 in March and Hannah just turned 3. I think with each kid, as they turn older, you forget about the bad phases. And when the younger one starts that phase, you always hear, “I don’t remember the older one being that bad.” I think God wipes it away, or no one would ever have more than one child.
     Before Hannah turned two, every bad behavior was blamed on terrible twos. “Oh she’s almost two.” Or, ” Terrible twos are creeping up early.”
    Now Hannah has turned 3. So now what do I blame the bad behavior on? I do remember with Katelyn telling someone, “No one tells you 3’s are worse than 2’s.” But I can’t remember exact behavior.
     And of course, as her parent, none of this behavior can be my fault. It has to be an age thing. Right? I mean, yes I give in when I should stand my ground. And yes, I sometimes ignore behavior so I don’t have to deal with it. But it can’t be me.
     Really, her getting in my hand lotion and rubbing it all over herself and the wall could not be my fault. Or her eating toothpaste every time she gets in the bathroom by herself. Again, not me.
     I think I will blame it on terrifying threes. For the sake of my sanity, I hope we can call my oldest daughters new phase, the fantastic fives. A mama can dream.


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