Welcome to a little part of my world

This is my first blog.  I don’t know how my life is different from most moms.  Maybe that I am married to a pastor sort of sets me apart.  But not really.  I am just a wife, just a mom who loves my life, loves to write but just tries to make it from day-to-day.  So welcome to my ramblings where I hope you find humor, help, and a little bit of normalcy in a crazy life.  I also hope in all things you see God.

Sundays…Let me tell you what Sundays mean to a pastor’s wife, a mom, a Sunday School teacher, and a family person.  CRAZY!!  Sundays are chaotic but filled with love.  I hope my kids will always keep their love to go to church.  I hope they can somehow keep that part of innocence where Sundays should be for God, family, worship, and the one thing that helps with the start of each week.

I wish I was the pastor’s wife that could sit back, take notes, amen, lead people to the altar, etc.  But I am the pastor’s wife that is wrestling with kids, dragging them out the back door, taking one to potty, while trying to satisfy the other.  I am that mother that by the time church is over, I look like I have been in a wrestling match and I also feel like it.  I think this is a part of the service most don’t think about.

Think about your pastor, his wife and his kids.  On most instances, they have no family there, such as parents or what have you.  So while your preacher is preaching, it is left to his wife to wrangle kids.  I also have to try to listen to make sure he doesn’t leave out announcements or forget anything.  That is my job. Or at least the role I take on.

It is hard to wrestle with your kids and also play the pastors wife role.  I am so thankful that I have a church that sees my kids as their own and people step up to help me every Sunday.  But as a mom, I feel responsible and never want to push my kids off on someone else.  But sometimes, that little break, that small offer of help, is just what I need. What any mom needs, really. 

So, every Sunday, as you sit back and wait for that spiritual blessing, get prepared for what God has for you, pay no attention to the crazy lady in the corner with kids hanging all over her.  Well actually, maybe you should pay attention and offer some assistance and hope God’s blessing can permeate through the chaos. 

Phil. 4:13

Until chaos strikes again,



One thought on “Welcome to a little part of my world

  1. im so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and sharing a little part of yourself to the world. i believe in my heart that it will touch so many, especially the tired and restless moms out there that just need to know that hey there is someone that gets it 🙂 I love you girlie, Congrats on your first Blog GOOD JOB 🙂

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